Enormous painting of chuck Mosley for sale


In striving to become one of the most random blogs out there, I have offered to help artist pip Logan sell an awesome/enormous painting of one of my favorite musicians, chuck Mosley (and a spot on version of his dog fredo) pip is trying to move the painting quick to catch up on after some unexpected bills hit all at once. The piece is huge (about 4 feet by 5 feet) and is titled “a man and his dog(I know it was you, Fredo)” pip is asking for $2500 bucks and knowing her work (and what a pain it was for her to get chuck to sit still for more than five minutes) I think that’s a steal. Chuck has offered to take a photo with the painting, personalize a VUA cd or vinyl, and call you to thank you for your purchase.

There are several photos of the progress of the painting on pip’s facebook page, along with several other great and more affordable pieces. Here is one shot of the painting:


I know there are a lot of both chuck Mosley fans and pip Logan fans so this could be the ultimate piece for someone’s collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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  1. greg gould says:

    Hey doug!

    I was curious if this ever sold? I remember reading this posting & now chuck is out on the road & seems like he is in a ‘better place’ than in ’14. Also, does pip have a site? I was curious to check out other stuff- later! GG

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