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my name is douglas esper…i am an author and musician from cleveland, ohio. i started this blog in an attempt to shed light on not only what i am doing with my writing and music, but also to promote authors, artists, and musicians i enjoy. I hope to conduct interviews, promote art openings and music events that i think you might find cool…i am not very good in the grammar and spelling departments so please bare with me…or if it bothers you that much just walk away…i am not here to impress you with my smarts or my big words. i promise not to overwhelm the readers of this blog with high volumes of posts mostly because i am too lazy for a high volume. i encourage communication from you with suggestions on what you’d like to read/see here, and hope this evolves as we go on together into an entertaining forum for us to enjoy.

For those that don’t know i self published a picture book titled, “sammy’s birthday surprise” in 2009 and, “The Mystery of the Flying Tomatoes” in 2013.

Also, My new adult/sports fiction novel, a life of inches, was published may 26th 2015 by Limitless Publishing (

I’m in 2 bands which are both studio projects at this time and last year one of the bands INDORIA released a cd…in the next few months my other band THE FIRMARY plans to release a 7 song ep as well…

ok i know this hasn’t been the most exciting blog post ever, but i encourage you to spread the word to family and friends about our little home here and lets grow this blog together, ok?

douglas esper

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  1. kathy esper says:

    i love you and all your talents!

  2. kathy esper says:

    i love how talented you are!

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