lazy blogger award 2014

the good news is, even with all the craziness life has thrown my way, i’ve still managed to get some editing on my novels as well as squeeze out a few new short stories (oh yeah, and there will be a new indoria cd in the next couple of months that we are really proud of)

the bad news is that i have been very lazy in updating the blog, spreading news, writing reviews, conducting interviews (though there are a few fairly new ones on


so, instead of a new post, i’ll just post a few songs from the firmary, a band that i loved that never released anything (mostly because i was a wreck at the time the band was going…that and weddings happened and kids started being born heh)

first up is “short story long” one of the faster, punkier songs we had. it was a blast to play live and william’s solo was awesome everytime. my lyrics were nerdy as usual…dealing with elements of a thriller story with a tidbit from bassist mike’s experiences working at a chemical lab

A Short Story Long

next up is a tune that we never recorded (william if you and mike can ever find it in your hearts to put up with me for a few days, i’d love to get this recorded properly) this is from a live show recorded by adam probert of strangelove recording. it is called “dear ndugu” we usually opened with it because it had a cool spacey intro that gave us time to do a quick soundcheck before going full blast into a song.

dear ndugu(live)


lastly, a song that we played live from the first show on as our closer, but whereas the live version was a huge industrial monster with layers of feedback and guest vocals and chaos, this is a stripped down piano driven version recorded in william’s basement that i always wanted to use as a hidden track on the album that we never released.

Price to Pay


i hope you enjoy. thanks for indulging me in a selfish post down memory lane. any and all feedback welcomed.

here is william and i live at the phantasy circa 2003

DCSuicidePreventionBenefit 063if you guys/gals want, i will post more old music…actually, if i can’t sleep again tomorrow, i will probably post it even if you don’t ask 🙂

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