Okay, I see you…

I know, I know… there are no excuses I can offer. Let’s just do that quick nod thing that people who understand and respect each other do when they see each other after a long time from across the room at a party. One of them has been up to a lot, but he hasn’t done a good job staying in touch with his friends and family. He feels guilty. He feels lazy. Seeing the nod, that simple nod, means the world to him. I always have you in my thoughts and I hope you’re doing amazing.

Here’s a few posts as a quick recap that by no means justifies my absence, but it might explain a bit. Fair?

The Other Side of Darkness. I filmed a small part in an incredible coming of age meets female teen adventure story indie film in 2020, and the world premiere was the other night:

michele and I at the premiere

The movie is now out and has gotten some solid feedback. It was my first time working on a project that I didn’t know anyone involved, which was a big step. Next up, a small part in a movie called Trivial, which shoots locally this Spring!

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