Remix a live Chuck Mosley song

A day or two after we got our live record finished, we received a multitrack recording of a concert we did at the Live Wire in Chicago, IL. I thought it might be fun to give you all the multitracks of the song, “Tractor”. There are six tracks for Tractor (2 guitar, 2 vocals, bass, and a conga) along with a seventh track I threw in for giggles. It’s a noise guitar intro Chuck did that night that has nothing to do with the song, but I think it’s cool. Feel free to use all, some, or none of the songs.

I started each track just as the previous song ended so there is some extra horsing around and banter. If you like it, use it. If not, cut it.

There is no prize. This is not a competition. I just want to give you something to do during the lock down. Make it loud, make it weird, make it completely different, or simply mess with the levels (my only suggestion is to make the conga super loud, heh)

Here you go:

Tractor-Guitar Chuck LIVE WIRE
Tractor-Bass Cris LIVE WIRE
Tractor-Guitar Drew LIVE WIRE
Tractor-Conga Doug LIVE WIRE
Tractor-Vocals Chuck LIVE WIRE
Tractor-Vocals Doug LIVE WIRE
Intro-Guitar Chuck LIVE WIRE

I would love to hear your results. Post your links in the comments or on our facebook page. If you give me permission, I’ll post it on the Mosley band page and on this website. No rules… No deadlines… Enjoy.

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