book review: Welcome to Parkview by Brian Paone


welcome to parkview


In a typical horror novel you have a single evil entity that is identified and it follows its only goal which is to scare/kill the main characters. After reading several books with this same arch the shock value wears thin. In Welcome to Parkview, however, evil and darkness lurk around every street corner and every character is capable of the unthinkable.
On the surface, the book reads like a collection of short stories, but you quickly realize the town itself is the backbone holding it all together. Characters mentioned in passing during one tale, find themselves as the target in the next. Crimes from the past influence the actions of residents in the future. Virtual reality cements the book into current times, while classic creatures of the dark pay tribute to old things that go bump in the night.
Through it all, band members from The Reinforcements come together and drift apart, as love, jealousy, and letters from unexpected places swirl around them.
Each story builds on the echoes and legends of the previous, creating a living, breathing three dimensional town, full of the macabre, and just when you think you’ve got a handle on the mysteries of Welcome to Parkview, you notice a neon sign hanging above a bar called, “Sneakers”.
Grab a drink, if you’d like, but beware, you just might not like what you find inside.

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