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You’re saying to yourself, “man, when is Doug going to get off his behind and write more blogposts?” Am I right?

Of course, and I agree. While i have about 4 rough drafts of blog posts I have not posted in about a month…and this really isn’t a typical post either, so lets not count it. this post, in fact, is to let you know about a charity auction benefiting some of the hardest hit areas of Alabama after the recent storms.  As some of you know my folks have lived for the past 3 years in Birmingham and thus the issue is near and dear to my families hearts. I have donated 2 copies of SAMMY’S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE along with as many bookmarks as the winner would like to pass out at school or wherever.

Also, i am going to match the bid dollar for dollar and send that amount to the Mt. Laurel Library fund to help build a library in that area. They are currently just over halfway to their goal to fund the library, and I want to help out.  I know my book and bookmarks are not the most exciting thing to bid on, but please do me and Alabama a favor and put in for a couple bucks…pretty please!!!

you can bid here: HELPWRITENOW

And if you just can’t bring yourself to bid on my book (most likely cause you loved it so much you already have 3 copies) please check out the other awesome auctions!

p.s. i will be posting a new rough draft of a short story for your enjoyment soon along with more blogs to come.

p.p.s. for those of you familiar with Alabama you may recognize the photo below of me standing by the statue of Vulcan

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