Interview with author Bethany Hoeflich

Today, I am featuring author Bethany Hoeflich, whose story “Soul Bonds are a Witch,” is included in the anthology “A Bond of Words,” alongside my own brand-new story, “Rhythm of the Bug-ity Beat.” Her story is cute and a little dark…a great combo!

1) What are you working on now?

As I write this, I’m gearing up to release the last book in The Dreg Trilogy. This book has been the hardest thing I’ve ever written, primarily because I had to keep going back to make sure I tied up all the plot bunnies and loose ends to create a satisfying conclusion for the series. So, what next? I think a break is in order.

By ‘break’, I mean researching and outlining for my next series, writing some stories to release under a pen name, and binge-watching Downton Abbey.

2) What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?

The hardest part is taking the scene as it plays out in my brain and translating that to actual words. Staying focused would have to be a close second. If I pop online for ‘research’ I will inevitably fall down the black hole of the internet and wind up watching twenty videos of bears playing the piano. It’s a curse.

The easiest part of writing is revisions. Once I have the bones of a scene down, it’s a joy to flesh it out and bring it to life.

3) What personal bond inspired your story?

The moment I learned the theme for ABOW my brain twisted it and said, “Brian never said it had to be a positive bond.” Incidentally, I was feeding my two-year-old corn snake, Trix, at the time. Now, I love snakes, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone who is terrified of snakes ended up bound to one?

And thus, Vikki and David Hisslehoff were born, much to their chagrin.

4) Did your story play out as you planned it?

My stories never do. The moment my characters gain autonomy, they run the show. I used to scoff at the idea of characters having minds of their own until it happened to me. Now I just shut up and keep track of the stupid stuff they do—it’s generally better than I planned anyway.

5) What is it that you want a reader to take away from it, be it one emotion or a thought or a memory?


I read books as a temporary escape from reality, and I hope that my readers enjoy sinking into my stories. A few laughs would be an added bonus.

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