Spotlight on Jacklynn M Desmond

Next month a short story of mine, “broken Wing” will be published in a new anthology about Journies, so I’m spotlighting other authors who also appear:


This time around it’s Jacklynn M Desmond’s turn under the interrogation lights. Her story will be published in A Journey of Words, a short story anthology featuring talented writers from all over the globe. The anthology will be available in paperback next month and is currently available in eBook format from Scout Media.

Title: Six Miles to Suring

Story Synopsis:
A young woman fleeing an abusive relationship with her baby runs into some supernatural troubles.
What inspired you to write this story? A sudden, paranoia inducing episode of Deja vu while driving home from my parent’s cabin “Up North”. For about thirty seconds I was absolutely convinced I was going in circles. ‘What if?’ took over from there.

How long have you been writing?
Forth grade. Mrs. Law’s class. I got bored.

What genre do you write in?
I have no idea. All over the board, really. I seem to like dead people.

What else are you writing at the moment?
I’m working on the next “of Words” submission, an erotica piece for an anthology, a sequel to my novella “Sixteen” and have some back burner projects. Because ADD is real.

How can people discover more of your work?
On my Facebook page.

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