Interview with author Zachery J Ivens

Today, I am featuring author Zachery J Ivens, whose story “Clean With Hatred,” is included in the anthology “A Bond of Words,” alongside my own brand-new story, “Rhythm of the Bug-ity Beat.”

Q1: Did you have a special bond with somebody that shaped who you are today?
A1: I could easily say just about anyone in my family here, but I think my best friend Donovan is the one most deserving of the spotlight. He is kind, charismatic, respectful, hard-working; all traits I admire and try to incorporate in my daily life. He is also one of my biggest supporters where writing and publishing my works are concerned among many other aspects of my life. We are there to help one another in times of need and life without him would be rather dull. Him and I go way back and we consider each other as brothers to this day.

Q2: What are you working on now?
A2: There are several stories and novels I am working on currently, but since I am trying this new thing called prioritization, I will only make mention of the WIP I am putting all my attention into now. It is a novel with plenty of psychological elements, and the MC leads a dystopian life that will eventually lead them to solitude and isolation. However, someone has taken notice of this and intends to put every ounce of effort into breaking the MC out of their shell, as grueling and arduous the task may be, and perhaps make something magical happen in the process. Now whether that truly happens or if the characters of that story plan to play an Uno Reverse Card on me, even I have no way of knowing.

Q3: What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?
A3: Perhaps the most difficult part of writing for me is the actual part of sitting down and writing. I have ADHD, a learning disability that makes it rather difficult for me to sit still and focus on even the things I truly wish to do. My mind likes to wander and daydream, and so while I want to write, sometimes I stare at the blank page and lose myself to the world of daydreams and become slothful. The best method to combat it, at least for me, is to know precisely what I will write before sitting down to write. The easiest part of writing for me is showing over telling. This is where you give your scenes life and creativity and can truly paint a picture with your words instead of blatantly telling the reader what is going on and how things look and appear. It is something I struggled with at first but have since found it quite easy through continuous practice, proving that practice certainly makes perfect, or as close as can be to it.

Q4: If you could meet one author, living or dead, who would you choose?
A4: It is perhaps a generic answer but I don’t believe anything else could be more truthful. I would be honoured to meet Stephen King one day as his stories take on a similar approach to what I write about and enjoy in a story, such as the horror and psychological elements as well as some suspense to keep the readers hooked and on edge. He is one of the many authors out there who have inspired me to become a writer and to show the world my works whether it be to entertain or to teach something valuable.

Q5: What is your ideal writing snack?
A5: There are several snacks I like to eat while I write, so I will list three of them.
• Crackers with melted cheese on top (a quick microwave snack)
• Peanut butter sandwiches (either plain or toasted, sometimes with jam)
• Smarties (and yes, I am the type that sorts out all the candies by colour and eats the red ones last)

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