You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve read and listened to samples and now you want to own the music and the words? you’ve found the right place. Click on photo to purchase:

Reintroducing Chuck Mosley: Life On and Off the Road (signed/personalized)


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A Life of Inches (to purchase via Amazon, click on photo)

A Life of Inches real small

 A Life of Inches (signed/personalized)

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A Matter Of Words (ScoutMedia presents: SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY)-Featuring my short story, My Wife’s Favorite, and an essay by Chuck Mosley, Mark Bowen.

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A Journey of Words (Scoutmedia anthology featuring my story, Broken Wing) (signed and personalized)

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A Bond of Words (Scoutmedia anthology featuring my story, Rhythm of the Bug-ity Beat) (signed/personalized)

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Sammy’s Birthday Surprise (signed/personalized)

sammysbdaysurprise 001
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The Mystery of the Flying Tomatoes (signed/personalized)

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Remembering Our Parents (Essay Anthology, featuring my essay, It’s Only a Bag of Peanuts)

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