price to pay


tonight i am continuing my rewriting work on my mountain novel…so…i do have a blog post planned for science non-fiction part three…but…instead i’m going to post another random song that I think/hope you’ll enjoy and have the weekend to make the blogpost better…this is a song called, “price to pay” it was originally the fastest/heaviest song the band the firmary had in its arsenal, but we decided to take a crack at a mellow version. we never ended up recording a heavy version with the exception of a live show recorded by adam probert at the symposium. this is a demo version from ~2006. I can’t recall the exact time of the recording. I can only recall William fed me some wine made by one of his friends.

enjoy(and write comments i’m curious how this song turned out…if it sucks let me know)

douglas esper


Price to Pay(demo)

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