it’s a dirty song, but someone have to cover it.


so this song I am posting is a cover of WE CARE A LOT by the best band of all time FAITH NO MORE. It was released on a tribute to faith no more about 9 years ago. we recorded and mixed the song in about 6 hours and the group of guys had never rehearsed once. the song was supposed to be recorded by INDORIA the band i was in at the time, but because of band drama it never happened…so, i scrambled and made a few calls and brought a rag-tag group of misfits together and this is what we came up with. the recording sessions was from midnight till 6am. needless to say it got a little goofy near the end. big thanks to the guys who stepped up and got this done. it was fun.

We Care A Lot by Esper’s Obsession

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