one of the worst inventions ever.

Some one pointed out to me that i haven’t posted in awhile except for contests and snippets of my writing, so I decided it was time to discuss what was on everybody’s mind. I think its high time we get this subject out in the open and get everyone on the same page:

Being one those, “creative types” I was born with a very very fragile ego and self confidence especially as it relates to my creative endeavors. whether the criticism is directed toward my vocal shortcomings, my cliched lyrical content, my horrendous spelling and grammar, or any other number of faults that I have, it hurts when some one puts me down.

The reason I bring that up is that I have “tried” to live a life that minimizes my attacks at other peoples creativity and ambitions.  Do I enjoy country music? No, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect Kenny Rodgers desire to gamble and then sing about it. Do I understand how Lady Gaga can be taken seriously as an artist by the public, hell no, but if her heart is telling her what she does is original and important than who am I to say otherwise?


There is a line that has been crossed and I feel a burning desire to call out one of the worst inventions of all time. Single-ply toilet paper…

Seriously folks, who is still making, purchasing, and using single-ply toilet paper in this day and age? When it was first invented shouldn’t there have immediately been a quality check-person to hold up their hands and bust up the whole idea from the get-go?

When I walk into a bathroom and discover single-ply the first thing I do is remember never to occupy that establishment ever again. Sorry if you are a friend of mine that uses single-ply and you’re realizing this is the single reason our friendship has ended, but come on man…double that ply! (And then invite me back over)

Single-ply does nothing good for anyone, so though I don;t like to be needy, I am going to ask all of you readers…stamp out single-ply toilet paper…the worst invention ever!

(do you have a “better” worst invention ever? email me what it is and your reasoning and I will post the best answer as a guest blog post…

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