another great @Shelley_Watters contest

Just when I thought I was ready to relax memorial day weekend and catch up on yard work I saw Shelley Watters is hosting another contest over at her blog:

here is 250 version 3.1 (thanks for the feedback keep it coming!)

A Life Of Inches
85k words
General fiction/Romance

Pushing with all of my strength, my arms lift an inch. I think of Molly, I think of Woodie, and I think about pitching a baseball. Another surge of effort, another inch, but the thoughts fueling my workout remain the same. I think of her. I think of him. I think about baseball.

“Ryan, let’s switch it up. Give me some pushups,” Ho Ban, the team’s trainer, says.

Separating myself from the stench of the padded floor, I push, as I think of kissing Molly, and striking-out Woodie. Through the years,Woodie, my fiercest competitor on and off the field, has earned the moniker, “Mr. Luck.”

My body aches as I grunt, but I don’t allow any sign of doubt or pain show on my face. I’m not going to let anything stand between myself and the Triple-A Championship tonight.

“Keep your back straight. I don’t want to see you favoring your right side anymore.”

Ho, a former baseball star from South Korea, is one of only three people aware of my shoulder issue. Having him notice I’m still not fully trusting my body is a blow to my confidence. Part of the game of baseball is the ability to keep an even keel through any and all distractions no matter the situation, but how can I focus knowing how soon I’ll be seeing Molly again?

I think about the love of my life, Molly De Leon, and I push.

I push.

I push.

I push, faster.

I strongly urge my fellow authors to check out not only her blog, but @Shelley_Watters as well to get involved!

The contest is to stun an agent with the first 250 words of my MS so I have posted the words here in hopes that you will read them and offer your brutally honest positive and negative feedback. This way I can make sure to put my best foot forward during the contest. I have read this book about a zillion times, so I have lost all perspective on what is good or not.

Please leave comments with your feedback!! Thanks. And for those interested in doing some more reading I’m looking for beta readers to review chapters and chunks of the book as well. Comment if interested.

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