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I had a chance to email a quick interview to Mike Patton as he promoted the Peeping tom album. The interview was posted on a site, but got lost over time. I found the email while organizing and thought I would post it in case anyone cared and so I made sure not to lose it again. BTW, though he was proven right about the Cavs, we eventually won a championship while Mike’s Lakers have been bad for over a decade.

Douglas caught up with Mike Patton to get his views on the Cavs and Lakers, his starring role in Steve Balderson’s film, Firecracker and the self-titled debut release from Peeping Tom.

Douglas R. Esper: The Lakers are looking good this spring. How far do you think they will go? And will you be mad if they lose to The Cavaliers in the finals?

Mike Patton: No offense, but the Cavs are not even on my radar. We got a lot to do to get there, as do the Cavs. The Pistons are going to be impossible to beat in the east. We are finally gelling, but I don’t see how we would be able to beat the Spurs if we meet them. You never know though. NBA is FANtastic.

D.R.E.: In Firecracker, you were originally cast as a henchman. How did you end up playing two main characters in the film?

M.P.: I believe Dennis Hopper dropped out, believe it or not.

D.R.E.: Did you ever take the mortician at his offer and sneak in to see some dead bodies while in Kansas?

M.P.: Of course! What else are you going to do in Kansas? I met some very interesting people.

D.R.E.: Steve Balderson said of your acting that, “Patton is willing to just be vulnerable onstage and just let it loose, while still maintaining control, so his voice and his being is doing what he planned. That makes an awesome actor.” How did you prepare for your roles and how do you feel you did on set?

M.P.: I listened to Steve as much as I could and the other actors as well. I tried to get as far from being me as I could. Focus can be difficult. I think I did ok. I’m not giving up my day job!

D.R.E.: You had been offered several roles in other projects before this. What made this the right one for you to try?

M.P.: It was a bizarre story, bizarre parts and the timing was right in my schedule. Plus Steve is very persuasive!

D.R.E.: Will you act again?

M.P.: I hope so! It is out of my hands to some degree.

D.R.E.: How was Steve Balderson as a director? What was his style/demeanor on set?

M.P.: He was great. Always in control, yet not overbearing. I would hate to work with a director that does not listen to the actors. Don’t get me wrong, this was Steve’s baby, but he really helps and supports the actors.

D.R.E.: In May, you are set to release the self-titled debut disc from Peeping Tom. How good will it feel to have it out after such a long period of working on it?

M.P.: A relief! Of course, then I have to put the touring band together. We are playing the Conan show on May 26th, so I have a deadline. This project has been a struggle at times, but well worth the sweat. I’ll be happy to buy a copy of it at a record store! We just did a great video for the song “Mojo” with some cool cameos in it.

D.R.E.: Looking back on Ipecac, what surprises you about the catalogue you have released? And looking ahead what are you looking forward to releasing?

M.P.: The surprise is that we have been as successful as we have been without compromising our original vision. It has been an adventure, but a fun one. We have put out a lot of very interesting records and worked with some great people. I look forward to all of our releases including new records from the Melvins, Isis, Dalek, Mugison, Kaada etc etc. Get ’em all at www.ipecac.com.

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